Speechwriters & Speechwriting for Weddings, Graduations, Retirements, Lectures, Motivational Seminars, Political Speeches & CEO Speeches

Speechwriters & speechwriting for weddings, graduations, retirement ceremonies, seminars & more.

Speechwriting is a unique specialty all its own. Screenwriters & Ghostwriters on Call often fills requests for all types of speeches and presentation scripts, including:

  • Wedding speeches
  • Graduation speeches
  • Retirement speeches (often humorous)
  • Political speeches
  • Motivational speeches
  • Text for lectures and seminars of all types
  • CEO speeches and corporate presentation speeches.

Delivering a speech can be frightening to those who rarely must speak to a group. For those who do speak frequently, knowing you have been given words to convey your message clearly and without hesitation is helpful. Our speechwriters will create clear, concise written speeches you can deliver successfully and eloquently without worry, in words that will flow easily to your audience.

Wedding speeches. The family wedding speeches that are usually requested of the father of the bride and of the best man can be had easily from our staff of gifted speech writers. Our head speech writer will provide a questionnaire for you to complete, and according to your reply, will provide you with a speech you will deliver in the time you specify, and which will please your guests.

Graduation speeches, whether to be delivered by honored guests, salutatorian or valedictorian graduates, or words to be said by deans or other faculty, are a staple of our expert speech writers. Each spring, we welcome new commencement speakers, and following a brief interview (or from your notes) to determine what you wish to say, our staff will skillfully craft a speech that will be memorable and well received by all in attendance, and which will be easy to deliver without any awkwardness at all.

Retirement speeches can be sentimental, business-like, or filled with humor and fun. Whether you are heading for peace and relaxed enjoyment from a lengthy career, or are helping a coworker or subordinate make the big step out the door for good, our talented speechwriters can provide you with memorable material that will please all who are in the party. Let us know the special and sometimes heroic actions of your retiree, or tell us about your boss and workmates you will be leaving behind. What are their strengths, what are the silly quirks they are known for? We will create a speech or multiple speeches that will make the departure meaningful and enjoyable, with words that tell the story in an easy-to-deliver fashion. Want to roast someone as they go? We can also create that experience for your team.

Political speeches? If you will be a candidate, or must deliver speeches to your base or the public frequently as an office holder, we will carefully prepare your speech to convey your positions, plans, and other information while avoiding the offensive gaffes the press and political opponents feed upon. Provide us with the details of your key points, and we will deliver a speech the voters will remember when they next enter the polls, and which will gain support, cooperation and compliance from other policy makers in your government entity.

The motivational speech creates a special demand when you have your entire company or corporate division in front of you. You must deliver concise and actionable cause within the mind of your audience, to people who are busy and who are striving for higher achievement. While you speak, they may be counting minutes to their own deadline. You must be able to clearly and effectively create value for them and communicate goals and desired outcomes. You will walk them through the process of change they need, sharing the observations of specific conditions and requirements, the orientation of those specifics within departmental scopes of responsibility and in the overall picture. Then, you must present the decisions they and management have arrived at, and call them to act forcefully to achieve better outcomes going forward. The speech we will write for you will accomplish the communication you need to gain the change you seek in your organization.

Seminar or public lecture texts will be delivered in a well-crafted form which will create clear understanding and memorable input for participants. Whether you will present an educational experience in the academic milieu, or for sales of plans, products or opportunities, we will create an effective talk for you to deliver. Provide us with your ideas, and we will place in your hand a text which will create lasting retention of your thoughts in the audience.

Corporate presentations, and CEO keynote speeches for stockholders' meetings and other functions are well within the talents of our expert speechwriters. From your notes, we can prepare a successful exposition of what you need to give your audience while you are free to remain engaged in key functions of the business. Engage with us about your plans and we will create the spoken word tools you need to have on the big day.

• Price: $70 for each double-spaced page. (Each page will be spoken in the span of about a minute, so a four minute speech of four pages will be $280.)

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