Get Help Writing Song Lyrics & Help Writing Poetry

Writing song lyrics & help writing poetry.

Help writing song lyrics:

When your feelings and story are there, but you just cannot bring the words into song, count on us to deliver your song lyrics for you. Do you have a great melody or chart that needs a compelling, feeling set of words to flesh out the musical idea for the listening audience? Tell us about your song, we will make the lyrics sing for you, your publisher and your audience.

• Rock
• Standards
• Ballads
• Hip-Hop
• Country
• We will write new lyrics for any music.

• Price: $350 per song.


Help writing poetry:

We can create your poem in finished form you. Do you have a deep observation to share about the human condition? Are you inspired an awesomely beautiful experience of nature, and have the thoughts and feeling, but not the poetic expression of those? Would you like to convey your love to another, or honor a friend or coworker’s life event? We will consult with you, and perhaps provide a questionnaire if your subject is a person, and will create the beautiful (or humorous) poem you desire.

• Price: $350 per poem


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