Script Doctor Services & Screenplay Critiques

Script doctor & screenplay critiques.

What is a script doctor?

A script doctor is a professional playwright or screenwriter, or an experienced script editor who will review your finished script and consult with you about strengthening and polishing the work. Then, the script doctor will cut, revise and firm up a finished version of your script, bring plot and sub plot, action and flow to full readiness for presentation to your agent, producer, or your production department.

Screenplay critiques at affordable prices!

A script critique brings you a service beyond simple script coverage. Your work will be carefully read and evaluated by a talented industry professional. While everyone has an opinion, our screenwriters understand how overall structure and the small details combine to create a great production. Our script doctors will provide a consultation on just how to properly adjust the story arc, character transitions and the flow of your work. You can then rely on this advice to finish your own rewrite in-house.

• Price: $75 per hour.


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