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Screenwriters & screenwriting for movies & television.

Writing movie & television scripts:

Screenwriters & Ghostwriters and on Call maintains ongoing relationships with many talented and accomplished screenwriters. They have written the screenplays for movies and TV shows that have entertained and enlightened you. Our screenwriters have written for the full gamut of film and television productions from weekly episodic television dramas and comedies, through the full scope of feature films, animated works, and narration for documentary films.

Most recently, we have quoted on some of this year's television pilot scripts for situation comedies and hour-long weekly dramas. Television is just one of our strengths.

  • Documentaries
  • Animation
  • Television
  • Critiques

As with other professionals, including doctors and attorneys, fees are often structured relative to the professional's success and achievements. This is especially true regarding professional screenwriting fees. We have skilled and highly-talented screenwriters who will be able to script your creative programming, and create a finished script at a basic level. Such work is always well done, and ready for your agent or production partners to mount on set.

• Price: $70 per screenplay page.

When creating a major film or television project, where financing and success could hinge on having a well-respected, name screenwriter on your production, fees will naturally be commensurate with the degree of industry recognition, awards, and prior critical acclaim achieved by the screenwriter. It will be necessary to quote you on your particular requirements.

• Price: From $500 per screenplay page.

It may be of interest to know of this story regarding emergency screenwriting, on what was and is, a cinematic masterpiece:

When "The Godfather" was being filmed, the director realized they needed a transfer of power scene from Don Corleone to his son Michael. Marlon Brando was slated to wrap up his scenes very shortly. Acclaimed script doctor Robert Towne agreed to do the work and immediately flew out to New York where the movie was being filmed. Towne worked feverishly from midnight until 4am to write the scene, then he delivered his words to director Francis Ford Coppola, who immediately shot the scene. When it was in the can, Brando's service to the movie was complete, and he departed.

At the Oscars® the following year, that very scene was played as the clip for the Best Picture award (which it won.) What scene was it? Michael Corleone had taken the family reins from Don Corleone. At one point, they were in the garden talking. The senior Corleone expressed his regret about there not having been a senator or governor from the family. Michael responded: "We'll get there, pop. We'll get there."

You can believe he was very well paid for his work. And the rest, as they say, is cinematic history.


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