Professional Ghostwriting & Full Editorial Services

Ghostwriting & full editorial services.

Full editorial services!

Ghostwriters are professional writers who complete your writing for you. Your vision, your creativity and your information combine with our expert application of time and talent to the actual task of writing. You gain time, and an expertly-crafted written product that is completely your original work. We offer a full range of ghostwriting services to our patrons:

Ghostwriting book manuscripts.
Prepare and submit your complete notes for your novel, biography, business or self help book, or any other book you can imagine, and we will create, in well formed prose, a complete manuscript that is ready for your publisher.

• Price: $70 per double-spaced page.

Ghostwritten memoirs.
Capture your own experience or the story of your family member while the memories are bright and full. Our highly-skilled writers will create a sensitive, well-written work that will become a family legacy from your notes, diaries or recordings.

• Price: $70 per double-spaced page.

Ghostwrite your stage play.
Tell us about your story, and about your characters. Make us aware of the where and when of the characters lives. Explain the running time and the number of players you hope to have. Will it be a one-person show? We are sure you will enjoy the ovation, and your name on the lobby card!

• Price: $70 per script page.

We will expertly rewrite your manuscript.
Many clients have written their own manuscripts, only to find as they read that the material needs extra impact or a cleaner, more consistent voice. It may be that the foundation has been solidly laid, but the remainder of the structure needs to be made steady. A rewrite is a complete restructuring of your work. We will trim irrelevant sections while respecting vision and voice. In other places, we will reorganize and rewrite to provide clarity and improve the flow of the work. Our careful collaboration will make your writing pleasing and engaging to your readership.

• Price: $40 per double-spaced page.

Editing of your manuscript. We will polish your work for you before you deliver it to your agent, publisher or corporate communications department, assuring customer delight and aiding your success.

• Price: $12 per double-spaced page.

Are you seeking story or manuscript consulting? Our expert ghostwriters and editors would be happy to provide you with a share of their expertise in frank discussion about your work. We will carefully review your project and offer helpful strategies and specific improvements you can make, and the best way to accomplish improvement within your text. Contact us to begin your process.

• Price: $75 per hour. We will provide a free estimate.

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